Will Gary Johnson and Bill Weld Help The Libertarian Party?

Gary Johnson Bill Weld 2016

Will Gary Johnson and Bill Weld help or hurt the Libertarian Party? That’s the question that members of the Libertarian Party are asking. What party members, and even libertarians not associated with the party, agree on is that Johnson and Weld aren’t really that libertarian in the first place. The brand of libertarianism seems to be “I want to tax and spend less than the other guys, I’m pro-marijuana, and I support and promote your non-traditional lifestyle.”

At The Liberty Show, we’re split on the Johnson candidacy. Ron Cenkush agrees Johnson is not the best libertarian, but Johnson is getting the party media attention and donations because the he relates better to the masses due to his non-libertarian speak. (I paraphrased).

Auntie Oligarchy and I take a different stand. We met Johnson in 2012 during his first run, and one of his main issues was gay marriage.  I asked of all the pressing issues, why that was one of his main pushes? He really did not have a straight answer. Auntie and I at the time felt since he was a new libertarian, he had some catching up to do, and was still a better option than Obama or Romney.

Four years later, he is still branding libertarianism as “fiscally conservative, socially liberal.” I watched part of his acceptance speech at the convention, and he led off talking about gay marriage again. I thought that was settled already! Then, he pleaded that everyone vote for his vice-presidential choice, Bill Weld. Weld is a former governor of Massachusetts, and apparently supported gun control, the Iraq war, and the national health insurance mandate. He is also CFR member.  If you’re not familiar with the CFR, it stands for the Council on Foreign Relations, and the goal is world government. So apparently, he is for really big government as in world government.

Below are two different sides on the Johnson/Weld issues that will provide a better analysis. First is from the Tom Woods Show, which Auntie Oligarchy and I agree with. Next is an article from Tom Mullen with which Ron agrees.


Article by Tom Mullen: An Anarcho-Capitalist’s Case For Gary Johnson 2016


As an added bonus, the videos below Ron Paul gives his opinion on Gary Johnson (Dr. Paul not very impressed with the VP pick of Bill Weld, and won’t endorse Gary Johnson), what the Libertarian Party stands for, and finally he tells the libertarians now is not the time to water down the message especially when we are getting so much coverage.

Ron Paul Wishes Gary Johnson Was More Of An Outspoken Champion of Liberty:



Ron Paul in 1988 on what the Libertarian Party stands for:



Ron Paul’s message to the 2016 Libertarian Party Convention is don’t be “Wishy Washy”:

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