Vaccines: Who Owns Your Body?

Our guest is Mary Tocco. Her website is Mary is a national speaker on the dangers of child vaccinations. She helped lead a successful campaign in Michigan for the philosophical exemption.

On this episode we discuss the misconception that vaccines are mandatory in most states to enroll in school, the increase in the number of vaccinations being given to children, and whether or not you have the right to say no to vaccinations.

One of the scare tactics used by the establishment is that the un-vaccinated are spreading diseases among the vaccinated. Wait, what? If the vaccines worked, shouldn’t the vaccinated have nothing to worry about?

Are the public schools, medical doctors, and the federal government really concerned about our health, or is this vaccine push really about big money?

Are the vaccines as safe as they claim?

Whether or not you believe vaccines are safe or dangerous, the issue is whether or not the government has the right to force you or your children to vaccinate against your will.


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