The Party of Principle’s Nominee for President Doesn’t Know the Principle

What is Aleppo? That was the question asked of Gary Johnson by a MSNBC host. Johnson got the deer in the headlight look and asked “What is Aleppo?” The host asked if he was kidding , and Johnson said no. The host went on to explain that Aleppo is in Syria, and that it has been the epicenter of the refugee crisis. After his appearance, some question if the Libertarian candidate was even qualified to run for president.

Personally, I don’t find the Aleppo question that troubling. I think it was a trick question. I’m not a news junky, but any time I’ve heard the Syrian crisis discussed, the area is referred to Syria, not Aleppo.  The problem with Gary Johnson, though, is that ignorance seems to be his calling card. As a libertarian and a member of the Libertarian Party, it’s impossible to defend Gary Johnson because I can’t point to anything where he actually sounded intelligent, or libertarian. For example:

  • When asked about his economic policy, his answer on the Samantha Bee show was “Uber everything.” What does that mean?
  • He supports the Transpacific Partnership (TPP) trade deal.
  • At the Libertarian Convention, he referred to his running mate Bill Weld as the original libertarian. (Bill Weld publicly endorsed the Patriot Act, voted for Obama, was in support of Obamacare, supports gun control,  is member of the Council on Foreign Relations (CFR, world government) and said Hillary Clinton is a fine public servant.
  • He believes in man made climate changes and thinks the libertarian solution would be a tax. Somebody in the party must have told Gary that taxes are not libertarian, so he retreated.
  • Johnson said he would force a baker or any business owner to do business with a protected class. Obviously he doesn’t understand property rights, a main principle in libertarianism.
  • Johnson said “I really wish I would’ve been more outspoken regarding gay rights.” Message to Gary: Libertarians promote individual rights, not group rights.
  • Johnson thinks there’s a good case for banning cigarettes.
  • On auditing and/or abolishing the Federal Reserve Johnson basically said: I don’t talk about abolishing the FED because it won’t happen, but I would sign a bill. We don’t want to audit the FED because if we found out what they were doing, nobody would like it. I would have the FED go back to the original mandate of regulating inflation (So Gary Johnson is for central planning. Watch Mike Maloney’s video on the evils of the FED), there needs to be transparency in government (the Federal Reserve is a private corporation)

As the campaign season goes on, the above list will grow because Gary Johnson doesn’t know the principle of the party of principle that he claims to represent: The Non-Aggression Principle. A simple definition is “No one should have the right to initiate the use of force against others.” The key is not initiating force.  The principle doesn’t say you can’t use force to defend yourself or others. So for example, if the Gary Johnson wanted the cake baker to bake a cake for a gay wedding and the baker refused, the government would at some point need to physically force the baker to do so, or fine and/or jail the baker. The baker did not initiate force by refusing to do something, but the government did.

Here’s Gary Johnson answer to a question about the non-aggression principle:


The above video not only demonstrates the willfully ignorance of Gary Johnson, but the total disrespect of the party he wants to represent. Johnson joined the LP in 2012 to become the nominee for president. At that time, it was apparent that there were things he did not understand, but many felt it was because he was a new convert and would learn over time. Now in 2016, I can’t help but wonder what he did for four years. He doesn’t have the excuse that he was working full time and trying to raise family so there was no time to study. Johnson knew he was going to run again and did not bother to learn or grow. Even libertarians want a leader, if only by example. Gary Johnson is not a leader.

In video below, Ron Paul explains the Non-Aggression Principle


In 2016, Ron Paul’s advice to the Libertarian National Convention: Don’t Be Wishy Washy.

Many members of the Libertarian Party will admit Gary Johnson is not libertarian, but they justify it because they hope Gary Johnson’s non-libertarian campaign will attract people to the party, and then we can educate them on what libertarianism really is. With the Johnson/Weld ticket, it will appear that “the party of principle” doesn’t believe in the principle.



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