Socialism – Road to Power For The Super Rich

Socialism road to power for the super rich

Why are some of the super rich like Warren Buffet, Bill Gates, and the Rockefellers for socialist programs and higher taxes? Don’t they have the most to lose?

What if socialism wasn’t a movement of the down trodden masses, but actually an idea and movement steered by the super rich to consolidate government power that they ultimately control?

one Dare Call It a Conspiracy

Ron and I discuss these ideas posed in a book I recently read called None Dare Call It a Conspiracy by Gary Allen and Larry Abraham. The book came out in 1971 during the Nixon administration, but is as relevant today, if not more, that it was then. In 2016, we actually had a candidate run in the primaries that declared he was a democratic socialist, and he had a huge following.

Socialists do have some legitimate complaints such as the gap between rich and poor continues to grow, but are more government share the wealth programs the answer? Haven’t they noticed the more socialist this country gets, the more the gap widens?

Would the average socialist support socialism if they knew it actually benefited the people they thought it was going to punish?

As Ron rightly points out at the end of the show, there will never be a Utopia here on earth. The best we can do here is have limited government to have maximum freedom for everyone.



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