Michiana Libertarians on Fox 28

Michiana Libertarian meetup

Fox 28 showed up to a recent Michiana Libertarian Meetup:

Michiana libertarians say this election cycle could benefit them

By Veronica Jean Seltzer, Multimedia Journalist

There’s a group of local voters who say Cruz, Clinton, Trump, and Sanders…they are all the the wrong pick for president. Michiana’s Libertarians say you should keep them in mind this election cycle.

They describe themselves as strict constitutionalists who don’t believe the federal government should tell people what to do. When it comes to this presidential election, they say the country is ready for a change, and that change could be in their direction.

FOX28 caught up with the St. Joe County Libertarian Party on the night of their county convention. While they nominate candidates for County office, the Presidential candidates are moving on from Michigan to the next big round of Primaries. Michiana’s Libertarians say the candidates you always see on the screen aren’t for them, and might not be for you either.
“If you’re tired for voting for the lesser of two evils then to me it seems you’re options are very clear…vote Libertarian,” said James Gillen, Vice Chair of the St. Joe County Libertarian Party. He says his party struggles with recognition. “People want their vote to count and they feel their vote only counts if they’re voting for one of the two major parties,” Gillen said.
County Libertarian Party Chairman Ron Cenkush says the two major parties aren’t offering what he thinks people really want. “People are angry, I think in general and they’re looking for an outsider, but the outsiders are not really outsiders,” Cenkush said.

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