Libertarian Candidates at St. Joseph County 4H Fair

Libertarian St. Joseph County 4H Fair

The St. Joseph County, Indiana Libertarian Party has a booth at the 2016 St. Joseph County 4H Fair. It’s a great opportunity to meet people, hand out information, and gain awareness of the Libertarian brand and libertarian principles.

We handed out 200 pocket constitutions and jury handbooks in two days (we had to order more. Here is a downloadable version), several other books like The Law, and of course information on the LP and our candidates.

Candidates Ron Cenkush running for US House 2 –, Rex Bell for Indiana Governor –, and Karl Tatgenhorst for Lieutenant Governor – were out meeting people and provided a quick clip for the Liberty Show.

Other candidates not in the video but working the booth are James Gillen for Indiana House 7 – and Ethan Legg Indiana House 21 –

So far, the public’s response has been very receptive to to a 3rd party option and the ballot. Several people said they would be voting Libertarian this time around. Everyone working the LP booth seemed positive and upbeat.

In comparison, I walked by Democrat and Republican booth several times. The atmosphere was stale at best. The few people manning their booths seemed tired and bored. I think they know that people are tired of the big government nanny states their parties promote.

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